After our 9 hour flight from London, we decided that we would stay a night in Florida so we weren't rushing around with flights before flying to Nassau the next day. We are get everywhere early people, which means that we were at Fort Lauder-dale airport at 5:20 AM for a 9 AM flight (crazy, we know!). After a long wait of our own making 9 AM came and went and our plane was no where to be seen. Nobody seemed too concerned which was amusing coming from Europe where the desk would have been surrounded by 8.30 AM if there had been no announcements. At 10 AM the plane rolled in and to my shock and horror it was the smallest plane I have ever seen. I stood up, tears pouring down my face and proclaimed that I was not getting on that plane. After taking a moment to compose myself and Google other options, I decided that although I was extremely scared of flying I was too stubborn and too cheap to not get on that plane, and that's how our adventure began.

Where to stay

We stayed at The Oasis Apartments that we found after much searching on Airbnb. Our room was well equipped, with a king size bed, a single bed, TV, and mini kitchen. The property also had a pool, and free Friday drinks from 6 - 8 PM. It was about a 10 minute walk to Fish Fry, which the locals use as a good marker although we didn't sample any of the sea food there for obvious (vegan) reasons, and a 20 minute walk to downtown. Although this property was nice and had everything we needed, I would recommend staying somewhere on a quieter beach if you are looking for a trip with a more 'paradise' or 'tropical feel'. And if you are going all out... I'd recommend staying at an all inclusive hotel where the beach is on your doorstep. The Bahamas is meant to be paradise, and I wish we'd been able to stay somewhere with a little bit more of a paradise feel. However, for budget travelers like us, who don't mind using public transport to get around there are worse places that you could end up.

Where to eat

We didn't eat out much in Nassau as we found it to be very expensive, and instead opted to use our mini kitchen to cook up some beans 'n' rice, and pasta, which lasted us for all our dinners over the four days that we were there. When we did eat out, we ate in Downtown and vegan options were very limited.

Exagon Italian- Tom had chicken tenders and chips, and I tried some beans 'n' rice, and plantain with a side of salad, the food was nice, but very pricey. (Cue $32 for our lunch).

The Athena Cafe - here we opted for a falafel gryos, rice and lemon potatoes. The food was pretty good, but again like the rest of Nassau, it was very expensive for the size and quality of food.

What to see

Nassau is all about the beaches and it was no different for us. We tried out a few beaches in Nassau, Sanders Beach, The Long Wharf Beach, Junkaroo Beach and Cable Beach.

Sanders Beach - This was the closest beach to us, about a 15 minute walk from where we were staying, and had beach soft white sand, and blue water, there was a storm rolling in as we sat on Sanders beach, and it was stunning.

The Long Wharf Beach - The Long Wharf Beach was probably our least favourite beach, as there was a small scale industrial port right next to it.

Junkaroo Beach - Junkaroo very close to downtown, and had a funky vibe to it! There are lots of little bars and activities scattered along the beach, and the water is crystal clear. Although there is a lot of construction going on around here so it is difficult to feel like you are on a long and peaceful beach.

Cable Beach - Our favourite beach. Stunning warm waters and white sand and the surroundings to match. There are some large hotels but plenty of space to find a spot to park your towel and jump in the water. The only issue is that we didn't manage to find anywhere to have lunch as you needed to be staying in the hotels to eat there.

How to get around

Our Airbnb organised a taxi to pick us up from the airport, which was handy, and was charged at the local rate of $32. There are also buses which take you across the island, for $1.25 per person, per ride and will stop anywhere you want along the main road including the airport.

Value for money

We wouldn't say that Nassau was good value for money. Our Airbnb came to a total of $260, and we spent $240 over four days on food (two lunches out, and groceries to cook our own food) and two taxi's, without any actives or day trips. Having researched these beforehand there wasn't really any that we had wanted to do so we didn't feel like we were missing out.

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