A day trip to the farm.

There is something special about the hustle and bustle of London and everything that comes with a big city. However, once in a while you need to take some time out of the big smoke and rejuvenate in the countryside. This was our second trip to Garsons Farm in Esher, Surrey, the perfect place to unwind for a few hours strolling around the sunflower fields and picking your own fresh fruit and veg. Perfection!

Our first visit to Esher was at the start of summer. In the summer the sunflowers were out, the strawberries were ripe for the picking and the raspberries were ready to eat. Garson's have a wide variety of fruit and veg available to pick in the summer, and they have all the info about what's ripe and when on their website, so it's worth checking it out before you go.

The majority of the pick your own produce at Garsons is ready in the summer, which was a surprise to us when we visited the second time (it really shouldn't of been)! However, we were treated to the spectacular and very autumnal pumpkin patches when we headed back there right before Halloween. As much as I love summer, seeing the beautiful colours of autumn and rolling pumpkin patches really gets you in the festive mood.

The Garson's picking season is now over, but i'd recommend checking out their website to get you in the spirit for spring! Check out more on Garson's on their website:

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