The butterflies that come with the excitement of planning a big trip. It’s something that I haven’t felt for a while now...

Almost two and a half years ago I moved to London with one of my dearest friends. We’d just finished university and we were unsure what we wanted next in our lives. One day, I texted her “What are you doing next year? Want to go travelling?” To which she replied “Yes”. And there began the discussions, the research, the planning and deciding exactly what we wanted to do when the possibilities were endless.

I’d been traveling before, both with my parents, on Australian and overseas trips, and alone, a European Contiki tour and volunteering in Africa. Heck I’d even worked at Disneyworld in Florida for a summer, but this was different, we were starting with a blank canvas. Five weeks travelling across America, a stop off in Iceland and then moving halfway around the world to London. The original plan was to move to London for 6 months, find some work and travel Europe on weekends. The thought of being able to jump on a plane for and hour and end up in a different country with exciting foods and vibrant culture is something of a novelty to us Australians, and probably why there are so many of us here! As we quickly learned London is full of surprises, some good, some bad and no matter how much we researched it and planned for it, you never really know what you are in for until you get there. I ended up finding my groove and discovering London’s unique charm, and have been here for over two years now.

The hunger for the excitement that comes with planning and looking forward to a big trip and the butterflies that go with it has never gone away. Tom and I asked ourselves “Do we want to travel? Like actually travel?” and after a lot of thought and discussion we’ve found ourselves here, on a Sunday morning, planning a 6-month trip across Central America, the USA and Canada, and we need your help.

Our plan is developing all the time but at the moment we are planning to start in the Bahamas, then Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize and then up into California and all the way up along the west coast, ending in Canada. Please, please, please comment below with thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and your experiences of these countries as well as any you think we should be including in our travels.

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