This is the tale of a girl and a boy eating, drinking, laughing and exploring together. This is our way of sharing the little things that we have discovered along the way.


If just a few people find inspiration in the things we have done and and are able enough to experience some of the great things we have been lucky enough to experience, then this blog has done it's job.

One of our favourite things to do is to eat great food! As a vegan (sigh, I know!), it sometimes means that sourcing places to eat can take a while and have mixed results. Hopefully by sharing the places we have found and blogs and guides we have used to find them we can make things a little bit simpler for all of you. Tom is a regular old meat-eater so we aren't just catering for vegans here, we love to find places that serve great food for everybody!

Our journey is just beginning and we need your help to continue, so please let us know any little tips, great spots for taking great shots, and best of all, your favourite places to eat in the countries that you have visited and hopfeully one day we can add to our list!